Wednesday, May 23, 2007

New Song - Perfection

Verse 1:

does your world
force you to be beautiful
force you to feel ashamed
if you weren't so beautiful
would you feel the same

look inside
do you believe
beauty lies beneath
so if you think you're beautiful
then you will really be


we are trapped in a world of visions
so hard to make our own decisions
and we're all just so dependent
on what others see

was a time I stared at my reflection
wondered why it's not perfection
finally I found self-affection
I could be
nobody but me

Verse 2:

does your heart
force you to be someone else
force you to act this way
if you acted like yourself
would it be ok

look around
what do you see
put your trust in me
I know if you think you're beautiful
then you will really be

Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Bay 2 Breakers!

So last Sunday was my very first Bay 2 Breakers! It was SO much fun! I managed to stay sober for the ENTIRE race (and then got drunk off of 2 glasses of wine since I hadn't eaten all day!) There were so many creative and awesome costumes. (And so many people not wearing much of anything!) Next year, we're going ALL OUT with costumes and LOTS of alcohol! We had a great time though and very proud of ourselves for finishing the race before noon!

Thursday, May 17, 2007

Mother's Day

Last Sunday was Mother's Day and I took my mommy to McCormick's in downtown San Jose. (Well, actually she took me since I no longer drive but I paid the bill!) We were late for our reservation (as usual) since mommy forgot the camera at home. But what's a special day with no pictures to remember it by? We had really good luck finding parking and the host didn't seem to mind that we were 30min late. =)

The place was really cute but the food wasn't too impressive. I think mommy liked the seafood pasta better at Red Lobster and I could've made my own crab and shrimp salad. BUT we went for the ambiance and were pretty happy with it!


Ok, my first blog. I wanted to do this for my family and friends so they can know more about me. (I also just get bored at work and wanted something fun to do!) Anyway...I'll try not to bore you too much!
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