Monday, April 14, 2014

We Will Miss Auntie Pamila!

Auntie Pamila has been my mom's best friend since forever and she's definitely family. She's been a huge part of my life ever since I was born and was one of the few close family members at my wedding. That's why I'm so sad that she's moving to Vancouver even though I know she'll be really happy living near her son and his family. We met at Stanford Shopping Center (one of our favorite places) on Saturday for some shopping and I made her this card to let her know that we will definitely miss her a LOT! 

Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Birthday Card and Cupcakes

It's my coworker/friend's birthday so I made a special card and some VERY special cupcakes for her. These are Strawberry Cupcakes with Chocolate Chips and Chocolate Frosting, a specific request from the Birthday Girl! 

I would like to enter my lovely card into the Sketch N Stash Challenge

Friday, April 4, 2014

A Couple of New Cards

I made these 2 cards recently. The first as a Thank You for an invite to my first NoRooz Party. For those who don't know what that is, it's the Persian New Year, which always falls on the first day of Spring. We had a fantastic time and the food was delicious! The Hostess also told an amazing story about the NoRooz traditions from her childhood so a big THANK YOU was due!

The second was for our friend's Baby Shower. Their baby boy is due this month!

Monday, March 3, 2014


After a 4-months (YIKES!) hiatus, I'm happy to say that I'm back to blogging! Not sure on how often I'll be posting but at least I'll be posting!

First up, a product review. Tasty Tortilla Pans. I'm a sucker for Infomercial products but I'm usually very disappointed with my purchases. I've seen these on TV a few times but wasn't fully convinced until I found a Groupon for them. They've actually been sitting in the box for a few months now and when my hubby threatened to throw them away, I knew it was time to test these pans out! I decided to make Guacamole and serve it in a Tortilla Bowl. After reading several (positive) reviews, I baked the tortilla a little longer than per the directions, about 10 minutes. The edges came out nice and crispy and the bottoms didn't get soggy at all even after the Guacamole sat inside for a while. I'm definitely happy with this purchase and now I'm thinking of all sorts of awesome things to make! I think it would be really fun to try tortillas in different colors and sizes. I love the fact that I now can make a super yummy Tortilla Bowl without frying!

Sunday, October 27, 2013

We Had Ribs and then We Had Pancakes!

After a LONG week of working, working and more working, you know what I LOVE? Staying home on a Saturday doing nothing but EATING! Go ahead, call me a lazy pig...oink oink! I did manage to do some baking though in between the eating but later on that. We also discovered a new find at the grocery store, Tony Roma's Ribs. I was skeptical at first because I've never had much luck with restaurant branded food at home but I thought I'd try them out since they were on super sale. OMG, those ribs were amazing! I baked them in the oven and they came out super moist and tender. I also brushed a bit more BBQ sauce on top during the last 10 minutes since we like everything super saucy. I'm not sure I remember exactly what the ribs from Tony Roma's tasted like (it's been a while) but these were definitely restaurant-quality to say the least! MUST STOCK UP! Served with mashed potatoes (another store-bought wonder) and it was a fancy shmancy dinner at home!

Of course, because an entire rack of ribs wasn't enough food, we got hungry and decided to make Blueberry Pancakes for dessert (with fried eggs). YUM...FULL...

Now onto the baking part...I have been wanting to make Candy Corn Cookies for a LONG time and finally got down to making them. I think I was intimidated because there were a few more steps than I'm used to plus chilling time but you know what? They were SUPER easy and actually a lot of FUN to make! These are definitely going into my Halloween Goodies Bags!

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