Wednesday, November 12, 2014

More Fall Eats and Treats!

First off, some treats! Pumpkin Pie Pudding Cookies! Instead of the Cinnamon Chips, I actually found Pumpkin Pie Chips. (I just LOVE seasonal baking ingredients!) They came out soft and tasted just like Pumpkin Pie but in tiny cookie form.

A perfect weeknight meal of braised porkchops topped with dried fruit and pineapples served over Couscous.

More Crockpot goodness with Martha Stewart's Spiced Chicken Stew. We LOVED the raisins in this dish and perfect over stuffing.

A Sunday night feast of Apple and Sage Porkchops served over, what else, STUFFING! It feels like Thanksgiving already!

Since we had the day off for Veteran's Day, I decided to bake some 7-Layer Magic Bars. These had a combination of chocolate, white chocolate and peanut butter chips along with coconut and walnuts. A definite hit at the office and super easy to make too!

Wednesday, November 5, 2014

It's Finally Fall!

I LOVE everything about Fall! The weather starts getting cooler, the leaves start turning pretty colors and of course, it's the official start of the HOLIDAYS! In our house, it only means one thing...COMFORT FOOD! I just love all the flavors of fall especially pumpkin so I decided to make Pumpkin pasta with sausage. It's just Pasta Roni Shells and White Cheddar with some canned pumpkin and spicy sausage stirred into the sauce. SO EASY and SO YUM!

The cooler whether also means it's time to take out my slow cooker! I remember my mother-in-law gave us a slow cooker at our first apartment. (Thanks mom!) It was HUGE and I'd use it to make a dozen chicken thighs, which my hubby loved! I'd shred the meat and freeze most of it and it would last us months! Then I decided to get a smaller slow cooker for making less food and it worked out great. These are super easy BBQ Short Ribs and they were incredibly good! I just turned the slow cooker on in the morning and it did all the cooking while I ran errands. By the time I got home, our kitchen smelled like the best BBQ restaurant in the world! The meat just fell off of the bones and I served them over stuffing (another Fall Fav!). I cannot WAIT to make more slow cooker meals!

Another cold-weather fav at our house is pork chops! These are Rachael Ray's Pork Chops Smothered with Peppers and Onions. They were featured in an episode titled Man Food, so I KNEW I had to make them for my MAN! LOL. I served the chops over, what else, STUFFING! BEST SUNDAY NIGHT EVER!

Tuesday, October 28, 2014

LOTS of FUN and EASY Food!

Starting off with some easy and yummy snacks!
Frozen French Fries with melted cheese and garlic on top.
Trader Joe's frozen Lemongrass Chicken Spring Rolls and Chicken Samosas. I made a very special dipping sauce for them with soy sauce, Sriracha, hot Chinese mustard and Mango Chutney. It was TO DIE FOR!
More goodies from Trader Joe's, Pumpkin Ravioli with Cheddar Alfredo Sauce and sausage. The pumpkin filling was slightly sweet and paired really well with the spicy sausage.
I can never leave Trader Joe's without their Korean Sausage, which I ALWAYS have to add an egg on top!
Safeway Meatballs with Pasta-Roni and LOTS of Parmesan cheese on top!
Shredded BBQ Chicken on Hawaiian buns with melted cheese. BEST SLIDERS EVER!
My first time ever with Short Ribs. Slowly braised on the stove top and served over Stuffing! Hubby LOVED it!
More braising with some big O Chicken Legs and this time over Couscous. Sunday night dinner at it's best!
Last but definitely not least, it's pumpkin season, so I busted out the Pumpkin Chili Mexicana complete with Corn Muffins! YUM YUM YUM! I love fall!

Thursday, October 16, 2014

Velveeta Eats and A Couple of Sweets!

Another week has flown by and it seemed to be centered around one very special item, Velveeta! First up, some Spicy Cheesy Mini Meatloaves for a quick weeknight meal. This was my first time using Velveeta and it was amazing!
Since I couldn't seen to get enough of the stuff, some Famous Queso Dip while watching football.
Next up, Ultimate Nachos (with chicken instead of beef) because we still had more Velveeta left. (Football makes us really hungry for cheese!)
Finally, Cheeseburger Pizza, which literally combined our favorite 2 items into 1!
Coming off of our Velveeta high, I made some simple hot dogs with grilled peppers and onions and spiced up with Jalapenos and Jalapeno cheese.
Now onto some sweets! I haven't posted many cookies recently because they haven't been that interesting. (Chocolate Chips have been a very reused theme!) On a recent grocery trip, I found Pillsbury's Maple Brown Sugar Cookie Mix and it just seemed perfect for the season. They were super easy to make and I added Butterscotch Chips for extra flavor. They turned out really yummy and no one knew they weren't made from scratch! Shhh....
For my manager's birthday, I made some Chocolate Cupcakes (using cake mix) topped with Pink Vanilla Frosting. SO pretty and sweet!

Friday, October 10, 2014

Some Recent Yummy Dinners

One Friday night, I decided to get fancy and made Chilean Sea Bass. Now this fish is super yummy on its own but poach it in some butter and it just melts in your mouth! Of course I had to go the extra few miles and drizzled some Hollandaise Sauce on top (super easy Blender Method and added a poached egg. Oh and don't forget it's all served on top of STUFFING! (Nope, it's not only for Thanksgiving!)
Next up, not so fancy but just as yummy, Chili Hot Dogs topped with lots of CHEESE! Can't go wrong with that! Hubby was watching baseball (sorry Dodgers!) and hot dogs just seemed perfect.
This is one of our favorite ways to serve anything Mexican. Not sure if you've ever seen these Perfect Tortilla Pans but unlike most As Seen on TV products, these actually work and they're amazing! On this particular night, we had refried beans and Mexican Mac and Cheese all topped with a fried egg because let's face it, everything is better topped with a fried egg!
Another baseball-themed dinner but this time our hot dogs were served Nacho Supreme style topped with cheese, sour cream, tomatoes, jalapenos and olives. YUM YUM!

Sunday, October 5, 2014

Football Watching Snacks!

Now that Football Sundays are back, I can't wait to start making some Tailgating Snacks! (Hey, you can tailgate at home right?) Go 49ers!
Cheesy Garlic Herb Twists just like straight from the pizzeria!
Deviled Eggs, can't go wrong with those!

Monday, September 29, 2014

Not Forgotten!

Dear Blog, I'm so sorry I've been MIA for so long! Truth is, I've been dedicating myself to a new found passion, Skinny Snack Attack. Please don't hate me! Of course, I can't live off of Skinny Snacks so here are some yummy photos of some recent Not-So-Skinny Eats!
Cheesy Beef Nachos for Football Season Kickoff!
Trader Joe's Spicy Chicken Sausage turned into Asian-style hot dogs with fried eggs on top.
Emeril Lagasse's Mustard-Crusted Rack of Lamb with Stuffing.
Ham and Cheese Stuffed French Toast with (guess what?) Fried Eggs on Top!
Touchdown Taco Sliders for more football watching!
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