Sunday, December 14, 2014

Happy Birthday Honey!

My hubby's birthday fell on a Tuesday so that means we're definitely celebrating it both the weekend before AND after! The weekend before, I treated us to appetizers and Margaritas at Tres, a local Mexican place that we both love. We started out with a plate of chips, which came with 3 yummy salsas. The spicy one on the right is my hubby's favorite!

For a comforting bday dinner, I made Curry Braised Lamb Shanks. It was incredibly flavorful and the meat was so tender, it fell right off the bones! I served the lamb on top of couscous and it was just perfection!
Since we believe in dragging out of bdays for at least 2 weeks, I decided to treat my hubby to some yummy appetizers and drinks at Lark Creak Steakhouse. We got some oysters and steak tartar and had a blast! Can't wait till Christmas!

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