Friday, October 10, 2014

Some Recent Yummy Dinners

One Friday night, I decided to get fancy and made Chilean Sea Bass. Now this fish is super yummy on its own but poach it in some butter and it just melts in your mouth! Of course I had to go the extra few miles and drizzled some Hollandaise Sauce on top (super easy Blender Method and added a poached egg. Oh and don't forget it's all served on top of STUFFING! (Nope, it's not only for Thanksgiving!)
Next up, not so fancy but just as yummy, Chili Hot Dogs topped with lots of CHEESE! Can't go wrong with that! Hubby was watching baseball (sorry Dodgers!) and hot dogs just seemed perfect.
This is one of our favorite ways to serve anything Mexican. Not sure if you've ever seen these Perfect Tortilla Pans but unlike most As Seen on TV products, these actually work and they're amazing! On this particular night, we had refried beans and Mexican Mac and Cheese all topped with a fried egg because let's face it, everything is better topped with a fried egg!
Another baseball-themed dinner but this time our hot dogs were served Nacho Supreme style topped with cheese, sour cream, tomatoes, jalapenos and olives. YUM YUM!

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