Sunday, May 31, 2015

No-Cook Eats While I'm Home Alone!

I love to cook but I don't love to cook just for myself! So when my hubby's away for the weekend, I'm all about no-cook meals for one! What's better than a relaxing night at home with wine and cheese? I opened a bottle of Zin and decided to pair it with Smoked Gouda and Blue Cheese, which I researched and found were a good match. I will never pretend to be a connoisseur but I was happy!

I've been craving smoked salmon and got some to treat myself. I topped crackers with cream cheese, smoked salmon and some green onions. They were perfect bite-sized appies!

Another easy but oh so yummy no-cook meal are Trader Joe's Mini Chicken Tamalitos. I'm even too lazy to turn on the oven and just microwaved them! Dipped in salsa and the BEST dinner ever! I do miss cooking though so I'm really glad my hubby's home. Or maybe I just miss eating real food? :)

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