Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Girlie Party at My House!

I invited my girlfriends over for a pre-Christmas Party and we had a total blast! I couldn't imagine having 5 people around our tiny dining room table, but we all fit perfectly along with some yummy food! I have a bit more experience hosting a party now and knew that I couldn't make everything in advance cuz well...COLD baked appetizers just aren't very good! Of course, I couldn't have my guests waiting for their food, so I purchased a Crudités Platter, some Cocktail Shrimp and Hummus with Crackers for them to munch on while I cooked. It was the perfect plan and we all chatted away happily as the "Main Events" came piping hot out of the oven. Here is the table waiting for my guests to arrive. (Do you recognize my Blue Cheese and Walnut Crackers?)

This was one of the appetizers that I made, Festive Baked Brie. Look at the pretty "festive" colors! It was SO good on the crackers and we finished every last cheesy bite!

I can't wait to host another party!

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