Thursday, December 24, 2009

My Mommy Came Over so SHRIMP was on the Menu!

Anyone who knows my mom knows that she LOVES LOVES LOVES shrimp! SO whenever possible, I try to make just that for her. My mom also has a mild obsession with Red Lobster and one of her favorite dishes is their Lobster Pizza. I tried to get lobster meat but couldn't manage to find it, so I substituted it with shrimp. It was SO good and SO easy too! My mom LOVED it and I'm pretty sure I'll be testing out Crabmeat Pizza really soon! The crust was crunchy and had such good flavor from the Garlic Butter. The tomatoes and basil added a wonderful freshness as well as color. (As Giada would say, it looks like the Italian flag!)

With the left-over shrimp, I made a simple Shrimp and Angelhair Pasta. It was just shrimp, pasta, mushrooms and store-bought Marinara sauce. Nothing fancy, just an easy and yummy Christmas Eve Dinner!

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