Thursday, July 24, 2008

Superfood Combinations

I found this article in Fitness Magazine on combining healthy foods for an even MORE benefits!

1. Salsa + Avocado = Lower Cancer Risk
Why? The fat in avocado helps you soak up 4 times more cancer-fighting lycopene and almost 3 times more immune-boosting beta-carotene.

2. Iron-Fortified Cereal + OJ = More Energy
Why? OJ increases the amount of iron absorbed by your body sixfold.

3. PB + Milk = Stronger Bones
Why? The fat in PB helps you absorb as much bone-building Vitamin D as possible.

4. Cantaloupe Wedge + Yogurt = Immunity Boost
Why? Yogurt is high in zinc, which ensures that your body utilizes almost 100% of the Vitamin A in cantaloupe.

5. Spinach, Carrots, Tomato, Olive Oil + Marjoram = Healthy Skin
Why? Veggies need fat in order for the body to absorb many of the antioxidants and marjoram ups that capacity by 200%.

6. Green Tea + Lemon = Heart Help
Why? Vitamin C slows the breakdown of catechines, a heart-healthy antioxidant, in the digestive system so that your body can use them.

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