Friday, October 2, 2009

Super Easy Crescent Appetizers!

Greg is traveling in Malaysia for a week so I invited my mommy to come stay with me for the weekend. I've planned 2 days of shopping and eating so I'm sure we'll have a GREAT time! I knew my mommy had to make a long drive up right after work and she'd probably be pretty hungry when she got here. So I wanted to make her a lil something to munch on while I cooked dinner. I had a roll of Pillsbury Crescents in the fridge so I got creative and made these super easy appetizers. All I did was spread a thin layer of Philadelphia Garden Vegetable Cream Cheese on each end of the triangles, topped them with a bit of wilted spinach leaves and baked them according to the package directions. SUPER easy and SUPER yummy! The apartment immediately smelled like freshly baked croissants when my mommu stepped in the front door. What a great welcome huh?  My mommy was REALLY impressed!

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