Monday, February 16, 2009

I Beat Bouchon in a TASTE TEST!

Ok so what if it's a Taste Test done by my honey? He's got GREAT taste and he liked MY Croque Madame BETTER! We took another weekend Vegas trip (just in time for Valentine's Day!) and had a wonderful Sunday Brunch at Bouchon inside The Venetian. With no Crabmeat Eggs Benedict on the menu for the Specials of the Day, Greg ordered the Croque Madame after I explained to him that it was close to the Grilled Cheese and Ham Sandwiches that I usually make him. And you know what he said afterwards? He said MINE are WAY better! is the Bouchon version...And here is the one I made him tonight to thank him for such a wonderful compliment! It's GREAT to be appreciated! :)

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