Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Buitoni Tortellini (AKA Italian Wontons!)

They play the Buitoni commercial on TV just about every 10 minutes so I got brain-washed into REALLY wanting to try them! (They were also on sale at Safeway!) I couldn't find them at first but then I saw them right next to the Pesto and Hummus. There's a few different shapes like Ravioli and Angel Hair but I settled on the Tortellini's cuz they were just SO cute! They also had their own fresh Marinara Sauce but I figured the jarred kind I had at home was probably just as good. So I picked the Three Cheese flavor and decided to make my own meaty sauce. There's really no recipe to go with this since all I did was brown some ground beef, add mushrooms and stir in the marinara sauce. I cooked the Tortellini's according to the package and mixed it ALL together with some Parmesan CHEESE! 15 minutes later, dinner was served! YUM! :)

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