Saturday, August 2, 2008

Nothing Beats Fresh Guacamole!

I didn't get to do my Trader Joe's trip last weekend, so we had no more Guacamole in the fridge! I went to Safeway but all they had were these Wholly Guacamole Packets which were super expensive and didn't look so good. Then I remembered that I still had a Guacamole Mix Packet in the pantry, so I bought 2 avacados and some fresh salsa and started mixing! The end result was FRESH and YUMMY Guac!

1 pkt Guacamole Mix (any brand)
2 Avacados
1 c Fresh Salsa
LOTS of Tortilla Chips!


1. Prepare Guacamole according to mix packet instructions.
2. Add salsa and enjoy with chips!

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