Thursday, August 21, 2008

White Chocolate Macadamia COOKIES!

I found this recipe from my favorite Cookie Blog, Cookie Madness! They are to DIE for! I mean, seriously, you can't get much better than WHITE CHOCOLATE MACADAMIA NUTS! I've actually heard rumors that these are my best creations yet! I guess I've gotta keep out-doing myself huh?

The only difference with my cookies is that I grinded the Macadamia Nuts in my mini food processor before I put them in. I figured this way you get more nuts in every bite! hehe

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Cookie Madness said...

Hi Cookie!

Thanks for trying the Macadamia cookies. I love your idea of grinding up some of the Macadamia nuts. Along with adding more flavor, it probably gives the cookies and interesting texture. I'm going to try that.

Your pear muffin recipes looks good too. I have 2 or 3 over ripe pears on hand and am thinking of making up a batch of muffins. I'm not sure if any of us like pears cooked in bread form, but it's worth a shot. I'll let you know if I try the recipe.

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