Thursday, June 10, 2010

The CUTEST Corn Muffins You've EVER Seen!

Somehow I can never go into William Sonoma and not end up buying something. Today, I picked up this Mini Tea Cake Pan and could not WAIT to try it out! It came with a recipe for Mini Vanilla Tea Cakes, which I'm totally gonna try later, but I've been wanting to make some Corn Muffins so I made Mini Corn Cakes instead. I followed this recipe from Martha Stewart but ended up with a lot of left over batter. Maybe Martha's Mini Muffin Pan is bigger than mine? Anyway, being someone who hates wasting food, I added chopped ham, parmesan, mushrooms and green onions to the remaining batter and made muffin squares. Creative right? My coworkers LOVED the corn muffins and it's definitely a good variation for Cookie Fridays!

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