Monday, June 7, 2010

Finally Baking with Grapes!

They added some great new shows on The Food Network and 1 of the ones I started watching is Alex's Day Off. Alex Guarnaschelli is also a judge on Chopped and she's just so passionate about her food! The way she talks about the flavors of her cooking makes you wanna go and make her dishes right away! Some of her recipes are a bit complicated (since she's a Michelin-starred chef and all!) but a lot of them are very comforting and simple. This Warm Grape Cake caught my attention since I've always wanted to bake something with grapes in it. I mean, we put berries in everything, so why not grapes right? I skipped the topping since I needed the cake to last a few days in the fridge and it tasted wonderful without it. I did obey her 1 rule about baking this cake, which is to have all the ingredients come to room temperature first. I'm glad I did cuz it came out perfectly moist and great with a nice glass of wine!

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