Saturday, November 14, 2009

Biscuits and Gravy but this time, from SCRATCH!

Greg requested Biscuits and Gravy again and this time, I wanted to make everything from scratch! (Last time I cheated and used Pillsbury Biscuits in a tube.) I followed this recipe from The Cooking Photographer and it couldn't have been easier, thanks to my food processor! I also used her buttermilk substitution with milk and cream of tartar cuz I forgot to get buttermilk. The biscuits came out so flakey and perfect that I really couldn't believe I made them myself! The Sausage Gravy recipe was from Bob Evans (even though I used left-over Johnsonville Sausage) and besides the fact that the sausage chunks pretty much took over the gravy, it was yummy on the biscuits! Will I make Biscuits and Gravy from scratch again? Hell yea! Maybe next time I'll actually serve them for breakfast instead of Friday night dinner. :)

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txsjewels said...

these look so so awesome! my guy and i had bisquits and gravy for breakfast the first time we went away together.. kind of "our" breakfast. so guess what i'll be making for a special meal while we're off for the holidays??

oh yeah. from scratch baby!

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