Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Luna Park with the BOYS

We've heard good things about Luna Park and decided to meet up with a bunch of our friends for dinner last weekend. I usually try not to bust out my camera at restaurants in fear of other diners getting mad at me. BUT on this particular occasion, I just so happened to have my camera and there weren't too many people close by so I got to document our yummy meal! (These weren't the only items we ordered, just the ones close enough for me to take a picture of.) We pretty much shared everything and EVERYTHING was good!

We started out with the Goat Cheese Fondue, which was SO rich and good! Can you believe this is the first time I've EVER had Fondue? I'm actually considering getting my own now!

We also ordered the Cobb Salad for some greens. I LOVED the huge chunks of grilled chicken!

Then came the REAL food! Short Ribs, which came with mashed potatoes but we sub'ed for French fries instead. The Horseradish Sauce that came on the side was AMAZING!

And of course, a meal is not complete (for Greg anyway!) withouth a BURGER! This was called the "Tasty Burger" and yes, it was mighty tasty!

We also ordered the Carnival Dogs, which were little balls of corn dogs that came with 3 different types of dipping sauces. The Mac and Cheese somehow didn't make it to the camera either but was REALLY good!

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