Monday, November 16, 2009

Sugar-Free Pumpkin Bread by Accident!

I had about half a can of pumpkin left from making my Mini Pumpkin Pies and decided to make some bread to bring to my mom. I found this recipe and used whole wheat flour and milk instead of the water. I also added a ton of walnuts and raisins cuz my mom loves her baked goods that way! Well, guess what? I realized AFTER the bread had come out of the oven that I forgot to add the sugar! I was pretty disappointed since I put in all this work only to have no bread to show for it. Well, anyway, I decided to have a bite and you know what? Since I added so many raisins, the bread was actually sweet enough! I mean, it probably could've been sweeter, but I was trying to make it healthier with the whole wheat flour and all, so omitting the sugar wasn't such a bad idea. My mom had a slice on Sunday and actually said she was glad I didn't add any sugar! What a relief! I'm always so sad when I botch up a recipe so I'm SO happy that my "accident" had a nice ending!

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