Sunday, April 25, 2010

Loving the new Spice & Easy Show!

I saw a commercial for a new show on The Food Network called Spice & Easy and was excited to watch it. I have so many spices in my cabinet and would love some new recipes to use them. I watched the premier yesterday morning and already knew I wanted to make these Five Spice Pineapple Carrot Cupcakes. I skipped the frosting and added some walnuts and raisins to mine. I even made an extra mini carrot cake for Greg and he loved it! The Five Spice gave these muffins that extra kick without being overly spicy at all. I can't wait till the next episode to see what else Janet comes up with! I mean, she's got over 150 spices at her shop so I'm sure she has TONS of recipes up her sleeve!

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