Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Sunny's Pistachio Poppy Bread

Sunny Anderson's Cooking for Real is one of my favorite new shows on The Food Network. I love the vibrant energy this girl has and all her food look so easy and delicious! The other day she made some brunch recipes and one of them was a Pistachio Poppy Bread. I LOVE Pistachios so I knew I wanted to give it a try! I bought the already-toasted nuts from Trader Joe's so that saved me an extra step. I also substituted some lemon zest for the orange cuz I always have fresh lemons on hand. I didn't have any creamed honey for serving but this bread was seriously good enough on its own!


Sunny Anderson said...

xoxoxo!! thanks so much for trying the recipe! i love to bake, so i'm glad you're a foodie baker catching the show, i can't do it without ya! thanks so much for watching.

Natalie said...

Thanks so much for dropping by my blog today!

That bread looks great! And a big gigantic congrats on getting a comment from SUNNY ANDERSON HERSELF! How awesome is that!?

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