Monday, February 15, 2010

Back from Another Short Trip to SoCal!

It's always SO nice to visit Greg's family in SoCal even if it's just a short trip! It was a last-minute decision so airfare was pretty ridiculous, especially since it's a holiday weekend, so we drove. It's been a while since we've taken a roadtrip together so it was actually kinda nice! I mean, the drive was definitely LONG but it wasn't too bad and it always helps that there are In-N-Outs and McD's along the way! Friday was spent mostly driving, but Saturday was full of sunshine and yummy food! We decided to go to the Ritz Carlton in Laguna Niguel and the weather was just perfect!

Here we are soaking up some sun at their outdoor Sunset Lounge. We had a beautiful view of the ocean and the drinks were flowing. What more could a girl ask for?

We shared some appetizers at the bar since we'd just had breakfast not too long ago and got some Sliders, Cocktail Shrimp and Reuben Sammies. Pretty typical bar food but totally hit the spot!

Later that night, we had an amazing Mexican feast at Javier's down the street. The place was packed and we were lucky to get a table. As usual, I had to get a picture of the happy couple!

We got SO much food (and pitchers of Margaritas, of course!) but the only pictures I managed to get were my Crabmeat Ensalada and Greg's Fajitas de Pollo. Everything was good and we ended up with some left-overs that were consumed not too much later! We hung out and watched movies all night and Sunday we were back on the road. It's always so nice to visit Greg's family and as usual, I was sad to leave. I guess you can't be on permanent vacation but I can't wait till our next one!

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Bonnibella said...

It looks so sunny there, probably what I love about SoCal and the shopping. You guys look so cute!

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