Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Messy Cherry Bars

It's not even close to Cherry Season but they were on sale at Safeway so I picked up a bag. I don't really like snacking on cherries cuz they've got pits and I'm just plain lazy so I searched for a recipe to bake with them. I found these Cherry Brown Butter Bars that looked really yummy so I gave them a shot. I even ordered a Cherry Pitter so I wouldn't make a mess but somehow I did anyway. (My kitchen counter and floor are now spotted with red specks!) Lining the baking pan with parchment paper definitely made it easy to take the whole thing out but cutting them was a whole different story. Oh well, they were really tasty and that's all that matters at the end right?


The Poet Herself said...
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The Poet Herself said...

I still have stains on one of my shirts from the pie I made last summer and I used a cherry pitter, too. I feel your pain!

Love the title of your blog, BTW! That's pretty much what happens when I go to the gym... I watch Food Network while I'm on the machines and then I go home and cook (well, bake). :)

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