Monday, October 10, 2011

Curry Inspired by Aarti's Night Night Lamb Curry

I say "inspired" cuz I made more than a few adjustments to Aarti's Night Night Lamb Curry. First of all, I used beef stew meat cuz it was a lot easier for me to find than lamb. I also simmered the whole dish on the stovetop instead of roasting it in the oven. I read the reviews and a lot of them complained about the yogurt sauce curdling so I did some research. The main reason is that you have to use full-fat yogurt, which isn't easy to find around here. So instead, I used sour cream and it worked like a charm! I also subsitutued Fench's Fried Onions instead of frying my own and bought Curry-flavored Naan from Trader Joe's just to make my life easier. (Hey, I did say "inspired" right?) The dish came out really yummy and perfectly comforting on a rainy night!

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