Thursday, January 12, 2012

Food Trends?

I've never been one to follow any type of wild trends whether it's fashion, diet or technology. (Um, liquid detox and animal print? No thank you!) I do, however like to read about Food Trends and predictions on what's about to become popular. I came across this article from Esquire (of all places) and couldn't help laughing at the comments the writer made about The James Beard Foundation and The Food Channel. While I have every respect for all those folks, I also realize that not every American care about sustainable food or can afford to shop at farmer's markets. The writer pointed out that because of the economy, people will only spend less, not more, on dining out and food/wine in general. We're already seeing lots of fancy restaurants closing and we're only gonna see more in the coming year. People just can't afford to spend hundreds of dollars on their meals when they're worried about losing their jobs and paying rent! As for exotic cuisine like Peruvian food becoming the new "thing"? Well, let's face it, the average American would most likely pick a nice cheesy slice of pizza or a big juicy burger over Ceviche. (I know my hubby would!) I guess my point is that when it comes to trends, food is just like fashion. There's what that 90 lb model is wearing on the runway and there's what your "normal-looking" person should be wearing everyday. They're completely different! Yes, I'm sure the next James Beard Award will go to some Peruvian restaurant that only serves local, sustainable and organic "bites" that cost more than a Filet Mignon. Yes, The Food Channel will try to convince you to only shop at "intimate neighborhood markets" that has a local butcher, fish monger and farmer onsight. But seriously, I'm happy with my "local" Safeway and nothing's gonna taste better than a meal cooked by yours truly and that's the trend I'm following!

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