Monday, January 16, 2012

Lamb Chops with a Chipotle Kick!

I ripped this recipe for Chipotle Lamb Chops from my Food Network Magazine a while back and finally made them tonight. All I can say is "YUM"! I didn't have Chipotle in Adobo so I substituted Ground Chipotle instead. I thought it actually mixed easier with the other dried spices and formed such a nice crust. The flavor definitely has a kick to it, which we both loved! I also added some beef broth instead of water for a more flavorful sauce. I served the chops on top of a new product find, Knorr Spanish Rice. VERY easy and VERY yummy!

1 comment:

Food Gal said...

That sauce looks so good. I'd be eating it with a spoon to get every last drop. ;)

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