Thursday, January 19, 2012

Why is Everyone So Cynical?

If you do an online search for "Paula Deen Diabetes", you'll get more results insulting her than factual information on her condition. That, to me is very sad cuz I absolutely love the Queen of Southern Cooking and I can't understand how people can be so cynical! Yes, she puts butter in everything but have you SEEN how most chefs cook? Why do you think the food you get at a restaurant always tastes better than the stuff you make at home? Fat is flavor and no, it won't kill you unless you're eating like that at every meal! I was shocked to read that people actually said that Paula "deserved" to get Diabetes? Um, excuse me? No one "deserves" to get any type of disease! Paula has always preached "in moderation" and now she's a spokesperson for living with diabetes while still enjoying your life. I would say that makes her a pretty decent person! As for all of Anthony Bourdain's "comments", well, let's just say that chain-smoking and drinking your way around an entire city doesn't exactly make you a role model either. I mean, I think his shows are interesting and all but he really has no right to slam anyone else for unhealthy behavior! I guess I just wish that everyone would give Paula a break and realize that she's trying to make healthy changes. On her new website, she talks about exercising more and cutting back on sugar. She's also coming out with lighter versions of her recipes along with her son's new show Not My Mamas Meals. You go Paula! I'll never stop loving your cooking!

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