Sunday, September 28, 2008

Portland with my BFF!

What a short trip! I totally feel like I've never even left but we did SO much in just 2 days. We started our Portland trip meeting at PDX and hoping on the MAX Rail to our hotel. The weather really cooperated and was only slightly cloudy. We got unpacked and was on our way Downtown before noon. Our first stop was the Portland Art Museum, where there was traditional as well as modern art. I really did like a lot of it but some of the modern ones were really confusing. Here is me and Kat having a light lunch at the museum's Cafe. We shared a yummy Cheese and Fruit Plate, a Small Salad and a cup of Tomato Soup.

After some more walking around (and shopping!), we met up with Kat's friends for happy hour at Dragon Fish, where they have Sushi and Drink Specials every afternoon! It was SO much fun to hang out and meet new people! :) By 8 we were both exhausted from waking up at 5am that morning to catch our flights and walking around all afternoon so we took a dip in the Jacuzzi for a bit and called it a night! (I know we're SUCH party animals!) Oh and we also ordered Baby Mama, which I fell asleep about 1 hour into. Oh well, I didn't feel like I was missing out on much! hehe

The next morning, we joined a Walking Tour, where the guide took us through all the different neighborhoods in Downtown Portland and told us a bit about its history. It was REALLY interesting to learn about the city and how "GREEN" and "Public Transportation Friendly" it is compared to every where else! I mean, you could literally take the MAX Rail or bus ANYWHERE easily and you don't need to own a car at all! I know SF is a lot like that but you can't really go anywhere outside of Downtown without a car. Anyway, here we are at the Portland Theater. We were both so bundled up cuz it was pretty cold in the morning, especially standing in the shade listening to our Guide!

The rest of the day consisted of having lunch at Rock Bottom, checking out the Saturday Market and doing some more shopping. We went back to our hotel and had a light dinner there. It was another early night cuz we had another morning flight to catch back home. It was such a short trip but I'm SO glad we took it cuz I really do miss Kat a lot and these short weekend vacations are a perfect way for us to catch up AND explore somewhere new! :) Where to next Kat?


Twin Tables said...

Oh, I am SO GLAD you got to do Portland. It is one of our favorite towns. Next time you go, visit Andina...a MUST. They have the most amazing martinis and small plates. Perfect for us twins, and you would like it as well, I think. Mothers is great for breakfast, but SO MUCH FOOD. And hard to get into. Go back, go often. If you are there on the 23rd of October, I am competing in the Tillmook Mac and Cheese comepetition (http:/ Fun times!

Cookie said...

We really liked Portland so I'm sure we'll be back! Yum...Martinis and small plates! That could be dangerious! hehe Good luck on the competition!

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