Tuesday, October 19, 2010

My New Mom Requested More Corn Muffins!

Last year I decided to bake some Corn Muffins as my contribution to our Thanksgiving meal and everyone loved them so much that they requested more this year. Now these aren't just any old Corn Muffins. They're Bobby Flay's Blue Corn Muffins that he serves at his restaurant, Mesa Grill. We go there almost every time we're in Vegas and everyone literally fights over them! (They only serve 2 per table as part of the bread basket.) Last time I substituted yellow cornmeal for the blue but this time I really wanted to be authentic. I knew if I could find blue cornmeal anywhere it would be Whole Foods and I was right! Yea! I did a test run last night and turned Greg and my co-workers into my Taste Testers. The verdict? They loved them! Yummy muffins full of corn, bell peppers and jalapeƱes, how can you go wrong?

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