Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Emeril's Essense is THE BOMB!

My love for The Food Network began almost 10 years ago and the show that got me hooked was Emeril Live. I'd never been interested in cooking before and thought of it as just some chore you end up with when a woman gets married. Well, Emeril put it in a whole new perspective for me! He made cooking seem fun and exciting! All of a sudden, it wasn't just boiling pasta and slaving over a hot stove, it was "BAM!" and "Kicking it up a notch!" I saw food as more than just a meal, it was an "experience" of flavors. For many years though, I was still intimidated with cooking but grew to love lots of The Food Network shows like 30 Minute Meals and Everyday Italian. I don't know exactly when it all happened but it was some time after moving in with Greg that I started experimenting with cooking myself and absolutely fell in love with it! Now I went back to my roots and made a dish from Emeril, his Braised Chicken Thighs with Button Mushrooms. I can't even began to explain how YUMMY Emeril's Essence is! It gave the chicken thighs just the right amount of kick without being overpowering and added tons of great flavor. I served them over some Near East Roasted Chicken and Garlic Pilaf and it was just PERFECT!

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