Saturday, May 8, 2010

Meatloaf - Jelly Roll Style!

Greg loves meatloaf (and who doesn't?) so I make it quite often. I love trying out different recipes for it like making it in the slow cooker and even stuffing it with cornbread. We had some Saltine Crackers in the pantry and I thought of using them as my breadcrumbs again but then I found this recipe for Meatloaf Roll and knew I wanted to make it! The meat mixture wasn't easy to roll and it was a bit messy but totally worth it! It's like getting a cheesy surprise when you cut into the loaf and the meat stayed really moist since it didn't a lot of cracker crumbs to soak up the juice. I also really liked the saucy topping and it's just not a meatloaf without the good old ketchup! I know Greg agrees!

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