Monday, May 3, 2010

My Mom's Favorite Crackers

I was telling my mom how much easier making crackers have gotten with practice and asked her if she had a favorite from the recent ones that I've made. She told me that she liked Ina's Parmesan Thyme Crackers the best but didn't really know why. At first I thought maybe she just really liked the combination of Parmesan and Thyme but then after comparing the recipes, I saw why they tasted better than all the other ones...BUTTER! Yes, Ina uses an entire stick of butter for her batch of crackers when the other recipes call for only half a stick. It might not seem like a huge addition for 30 crackers, but apparently those 4 lil tablespoons of butter made the best crackers ever! Now that I knew the secret, I just had to bake another batch! I switched it up a bit by using grated Asiago cheese and cashews that I grinded up in my mini food processor. Yummy and BUTTERY and I'm sure will be a new favorite for my mom!

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